R as in Raleigh

If the streets (and pavements) of Oxford were catwalks, my recently acquired Raleigh bicycle would no doubt take the grand prize as the most beautiful model around. Even better, it came custom fitted with a golden finish, handbrakes, three gears (in theory they should work), a titanium front carrier and a state of the art, high-durability plastic rear carrier which makes it easy for me to transport (whilst not forgetting to charge) 3+ people to London, Paris, etc. in no time. (more…)

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The Lakes

Jyri and I rented a car for the weekend and drove off to Lake District to do some hiking. At this time of the year, the ridges are covered with purple heather and green bracken, making it a magnificent place to walk, talk and think. The views were spectacular, although the wind was blowing strongly, very strongly. Here’s a series of pictures and two panoramic shots.

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