Most read news in Danglish

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s biggest newspaper and source of the infamous cartoons, has (recently?) added an English interface to its appalling online edition.

Overall, they specialise in regurgitating articles from foreign newspapers, quoting like 10-year-olds, and functioning as an outlet for press releases.

Rumour has it that the editorial team consists of five gorillas trapped in the back of a Toyota Previa.

The snippet above captures the level of professionalism quite well.

Mine danske læsere skal ikke snydes for den nyligt opdagede “polarbjørn” i Arktis. Den opdagelse er da langt mere spændende, end det gamle fossil “Plesiosaurus palæontologen” (med stort p) ellers ævler om.

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Max, 19, faces the heat

The current flourish in ‘traditional’ media wanting to tap into the blogosphere comes with certain drawbacks.

The most hilarious example, in my humble opinion, is Max, 19, hits the road over at the Guardian.

In theory, it should be about Max’s crazy travelling in India, but all the action takes place in the comments track. It transpired that Max is the son of a Guardian journalist and perhaps not the most gifted writer after all.

Here is a representative comment from a reader called ‘naid':

here’s some advice from someone a bit older.
you’ve been badly advised by your dad. stop the blog (any excuse will do). don’t read any of these comments which will upset you.
have a good trip doing fun things, but don’t write about it.
If this paper was smash hits and we travelled 15 years back in time when the idea of going to thailand and india for a two month holiday of getting stoned, drunk and pulling was somehow exotic, my advice would be different. but it isn’t.
good luck.
shame on you guardian.

It has gone wrong to the extent that the travel editor has had to defend his decision, the replies to which have been equally unforgiving.

Poor Max.

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Jim goes to Hollywood

Little did I know that my benefactor and founder of some 10 research institutes at Oxford, James Martin, had a movie in the making.

It comes with the title “The Meaning of the 21st Century” and features an impressive selection of interviewees, including Ray Kurzweil, Sir Nicholas Stern, and Senator John McCain (there are quite a few spelling errors in the cast list, but I really do hope that Rudolph Juliani and Rudolph Giuliani are one and the same person).

Adding to this a bit of Hollywood glamour, the film is narrated by no other than Michael Douglas.

Check out the synopsis here.

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