In the box

Am I the only one left with the impression that the notions of “thinking out of the box“/”thinking outside the box“, with respectively 237,000 and 872,000 hits on Google, are perhaps the most “in the box” statements of our time?

A bit like the “quantum computing”, “knowledge management”, “branding” or “tacit knowledge” of the late ’90s/early ’00s.

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Even if you happen to get beyond the stage of being constantly dumbfounded by the sheer size of Dutch people, there is still something odd about the place.

This is not least because of the large population of parrots (Ring-necked Parakeets): you see them and hear their squawking calls everywhere, particularly in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague.

(Un)Naturally, this is an invasive species, just like the parrots of suburban London. They are beautiful creatures, nevertheless, and with a dash of lime and garlic they make an excellent starter…

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Hello again!

Hi, I am here to entertain you while the ‘real’ blog, burn.dk, is getting fixed. It should not take too long.

The slight interruption has been caused by a group of vicious spammers who managed to generate a backlog of 700,000 comments. Eventually my host decided to pull the plug since it was causing too much load on the server.

Upon returning from Roskilde, Bering has been forced to volunteer to get everything up and running again.

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