On not choosing the diplomatic route

We talked about Divo earlier, the reviews of which will probably go down in history as the worst ever. However, now the time has come for another painful review by the otherwise forgiving Matthew Norman:

There are two ways to handle a rogue restaurant such as this first British branch of a venerable, showbizzy New York steakhouse chain. You can take the diplomatic route, coaxing it towards the civilised world by ignoring the violations and praising the positives, but since there are none of the latter, let the napalming commence.

The art of war is entertaining but ruthless.

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Breakfast for champs…

The high-calorie breakfast of real champs

At some point in the future, I really, really want to return to Northern California and spend a couple of years there. Whenever I experience that craving, the foremost remedy that comes to mind is French toast…

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On food

[Bonus bonus info] Borat’s cousin did the website, I think.

[Update 12 November] Giles Coren is, believe it or not, even more ruthless in the Times:

The pancakes were huge, thin, flappy cold things, as close to eating out of a used hanky as I have got since I lost interest in my own snot.

The Guardian’s Jay Rayner was never the pleasing type when it comes to matters of taste:

There are many words I could use to describe the food served here, but this is a family newspaper and none of them should be available before the watershed. I can’t deny my disappointment because the remaining candidates – awful, calamitous, the horror, the horror – don’t quite do it justice without the visceral attack of the expletive…

We finished – and I use that term loosely, for we did not finish anything – with a grim slice of cherry cheesecake with a jelly topping so solid you could have used it to culture bacteria in a petri dish.

Reading this review, I felt like the kind of type who slows down when passing by road accidents, strangely intriguing but utterly wrong: Rayner reviews London’s first luxury Ukrainian restaurant (and probably closes it, too.)

On a slightly more cheerful note, Oxford’s own Big Bang is a true gem, serving nothing but bangers, mash and a wonderfully unpretentious atmosphere.

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Working from home II

In addition to the view, working from home has another advantage: you can prepare your own food and eat it at your convenience. Here we have falafel, humous, olives, salami and salad. Notice the slightly disgruntled look on Paul R. Bear’s face in the background.

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