Why I hate musicals

This is a complete off the record post, prompted by Kathrin’s note on the topic of musicals. And it is raining outside.

One of the few things I hate unconditionally – alongside cheese, of course – is musicals. Musicals represent the lowest of thought, the poodle of dogs and, I predict, will rightfully be considered so within a few generations of human evolution, conscious and physiological, in the same way that we consider burning witches a thing of the past.

One of the questions I have always wanted to ask people who are enthusiastic about this sort of thing is why it is appealing to you to have someone, who is clearly on some kind of ‘look-at-me-I-am-exaggerating-everything’ drug that has yet to be classified as illegal, dancing/singing/talking to you like you were a baby with no cognitive capacity of your own. A vulgar display of spoon-feeding.

Other instances of common lowest denominators come in the shape of awfully unsurprising narratives, a complete lack of subtlety, and the obligatory oh-so-forgiving audience of muppets (‘because we have paid a ridiculous amount of money for a West End show it MUST be good’).

I told you, it is raining outside.

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  1. I read and thought maybe, maybe. But then I remembered that you don’t like cheese, so what do you know ;)

  2. Musicals make many people very happy so why in the world should future generations consider them to be akin to murdering women just because Lord Hanzi would prefer to watch something else?

  3. I totally agree with Maja – Especially from a Parisian perspective what does a man who doesn’t even like cheese know about real pleasures in life?

    At klappe i utakt er stor kunst.

  4. No ?

    cheeseman” target=”_blank”>Link

  5. Okay, I think you are only thinking about the bubblegum musicals: Hairspray, Wicked, Throughly Modern Millie etc. But what about Spring Awakening? I came out of that one crying it was so beautiful!

  6. […] as I hate musicals, I have a soft spot for certain forms of dance. Watching a performance by La La La Human Steps some […]

  7. I am really starting to think you haven’t seen the right kind of musical. The shows you are going to want to listen to and see are as follows: Spring Awakening, Passing Strange and In the Heights. Musicals are more than pieces of shit nowadays *HSM ahem whoo that was a bad one.

  8. Having just endured Oklahoma I feel the experience has scarred me. Having to clap and smile to please my mum on her birthday outing while feeling so repulsed made me look like a dog with a caramel toffee, even the actors could tell and it was embarassing.

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