Hello again!

Hi, I am here to entertain you while the ‘real’ blog, burn.dk, is getting fixed. It should not take too long.

The slight interruption has been caused by a group of vicious spammers who managed to generate a backlog of 700,000 comments. Eventually my host decided to pull the plug since it was causing too much load on the server.

Upon returning from Roskilde, Bering has been forced to volunteer to get everything up and running again.

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  1. Welcome back! You have been greatly missed. Maybe one of those word-verification things would help the spam problem?

  2. Well, forced volunteering is always a good way to get people working – had hoped to see you at Roskilde, but it seems you are busy elsewhere. I will however make sure that Bering has a good time here. With my high level connections within the stalinistic organisation of Roskilde Festival, I have arranged for him a guided tour of the orange stage where I do production management. This being possible only if he is somewhat sober, there is still some lingering doubt if it will actually happen….

    Regards / Kristoffer

  3. well, this one is not too bad… i particularly like the picture on top :-)

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