Berlin Marathon – postscript

With my legs gradually returning to working order, it is time to conclude that running the Berlin Marathon was very worthwhile. Everyone in the group, including my mum, sister, step-dad, brother, auntie, uncle, and my cousin, made it through in style.

The historical city centre of Berlin and the million-strong crowd provided the perfect atmosphere for this very special race, which explains why, perhaps, Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie managed to set a new world record at 2:04:26. On the other hand, Gebrselassie ran his first marathon at age 15 in 2:48 – if anyone, this guy has managed to transgress the boundary between humans and phenomena in a very assertive manner. One day I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I was only 300 metres behind this legend (just before the start of the race, but let us not get into details).

What I find most fantastic, though, was the sheer enthusiasm of the crowd, who cheered for everyone, no matter the pace and level of fitness. For an amateur like me, it was unbelievable to feel the roar from the tribune when running through the ‘gates’ of Brandenburger Tor. Under normal circumstances, I would have given up/died/donated my body to science – especially the legs – many miles earlier, I am sure.

A great special thanks to those who made a donation to MSF. The link is open for another couple of weeks. I should clarify that everything goes to the charity, so when I say ‘please sponsor me’, you will not end up covering any of my expenses whatsoever – that is not why I set it up.

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  1. Anders C. Østerby

    Hej Christian

    Lyder unægteligt fedt at løbe Berlin, noget større end HCA Marathon i Odense…
    Vil du ikke ud med din tid?…

  2. Det var bestemt en fantastisk oplevelse. Min tid lød på lige under 3 timer og 30 minutter.

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