On food

[Bonus bonus info] Borat’s cousin did the website, I think.

[Update 12 November] Giles Coren is, believe it or not, even more ruthless in the Times:

The pancakes were huge, thin, flappy cold things, as close to eating out of a used hanky as I have got since I lost interest in my own snot.

The Guardian’s Jay Rayner was never the pleasing type when it comes to matters of taste:

There are many words I could use to describe the food served here, but this is a family newspaper and none of them should be available before the watershed. I can’t deny my disappointment because the remaining candidates – awful, calamitous, the horror, the horror – don’t quite do it justice without the visceral attack of the expletive…

We finished – and I use that term loosely, for we did not finish anything – with a grim slice of cherry cheesecake with a jelly topping so solid you could have used it to culture bacteria in a petri dish.

Reading this review, I felt like the kind of type who slows down when passing by road accidents, strangely intriguing but utterly wrong: Rayner reviews London’s first luxury Ukrainian restaurant (and probably closes it, too.)

On a slightly more cheerful note, Oxford’s own Big Bang is a true gem, serving nothing but bangers, mash and a wonderfully unpretentious atmosphere.

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  1. Haha the website is classic! If it wasn’t for real, I would think you were making it up :)

  2. For some odd reason the reviews almost makes me wanna go there to experience it with my own eyes… and stomach I guess!

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