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Finally, I got around to setting up something that I have wanted to set up for a year or two.

What has been missing in my world is an international community that links together people with an interest in corporate social responsibility and related areas.

There are, of course, tonnes of mailing lists, news sites, and blogs readily available, but I prefer to work with people who have faces and bodies.

Say hello to my new darling, Oxford CSR, and join in, if you wish, on Facebook.

Here is the sales pitch:

**OK, it all sounds so bloody grand, but I am quite keen on setting up a platform like this for people who are interested in these areas**

It is now broadly recognised that companies have a key responsibility in setting the societal agenda beyond the financial bottom line and traditional philanthropy.

Considering Bhopal, Exxon Valdez and the Enron bankruptcy, while many a scandal has shown that companies cause environmental and social problems, it is beyond doubt that the key challenges facing humanity in the 21st century cannot be met without business and businesses forming part of the solution.

Notions such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), business ethics, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and environmental performance have emerged as vital signifiers of contemporary business conduct. Risk and opportunity thus go hand in hand.

The Oxford University CSR Society is for anyone who wishes to understand these developments better, whether in a professional or private capacity, and regardless of their level of experience and background.

While it is a poor start, it is, nevertheless, a start.

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