Something’s rotten in the state of Russia

During my once in a lifetime excursion into the Russian North, I was given a first hand impression of just how hospitable and friendly people can be.

Quite a few of the hosts were educated at the European University at St Petersburg (EUSP), which enabled us to talk together without using interpreters. They were all highly articulate and, judging from their papers, not least brilliant social scientific scholars. Traditionally, and this is rare for higher education institutions in Russia, the EUSP has enjoyed strong links with European and US universities.

Recently, I have been informed that for very obscure reasons – citing “fire safety violations” as a pretext – the university has effectively been closed down by the Russian authorities. Other sources (1, 2, 3, 4) have suggested that the decision is politically motivated.

For advice on how to have your say on these matters, please check out this blog: Save the European University at St Petersburg.

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