Californian entrepreneurialism II

It turns out that my ‘business connection‘ is the proud owner of an alternative mind. Below is an excerpt from a 2000-word email that just came in from said person under the subject line: “Business ethics. True social security. Writer’s Grid. Speed Writing Form.”

Hospitals will take tube beds once they see published results of great performers. Know elder people with property may rent use of one to brisk walkers doing distance. Know towns stand. Unto walking across. Before taking sleep. So stirred within. Know town blocked out. By known walk distances. Takes one beyond transit. Entire berkeley. Falls to half hour to forty minute walks so brisk. Know great seniors with best bodies. Are swimmers. Know walkers bodies second best.

Although it appears to be utter nonsense, I do not dare to delete it; what if it really did contain the recipe for success…

Any literary scholars out there who might be interested in a little joint venture?

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  1. It looks like one of these spam emails that have quasi-text to get past the spam filter and then have a picture attached with the ‘real information’….

  2. Christian Toennesen

    I am absolutely confident that it is not an automatically generated email. I should probably add that I did a bit of googling, or what journalists refer to as investigative work. My ‘connection,’ it seems, is actually a learned person who was diagnosed with some form of mental disorder and spent one-year-and-a-half in an institution.

  3. […] What impresses me the most, though, is that none of these ’strangers’ seem to conform to the usual Web 2.0 stereotype that abound elsewhere. The people I met have been labourers, retired and, um, plain nut cases. […]

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