A fixed-gear machine

Prompted by the favourable exchange rate, I am feeling increasingly tempted to bring a bike back home with me. Given the UK humidity, the lack of hills in London/Oxford, past experiences failing to maintain bikes with lots of moveable parts, and a penchant for slightly aggressive cycling, my eyes are set on a ‘fixie‘.

So just one question…..how are you supposed to stop the thing? The blurb on their website says that it makes a good messenger bike?? Maybe a messenger bike for a rider who has a death wish!

You don’t. its like the movie Speed, only diffirence is that sandra bullock doesn’t want to bang you after you eventually do stop it after running it into an airplane. [source]

Not to worry, nowadays chickens can opt for hand brakes. Look how beautiful they are, these are my three favourites:

a) Kona Paddy Wagon
b) Specialized Langster
c) Bianchi Pista

Background from The Observer: No brakes, no gears: the latest bike craze.

[Update] I opted for the latter. Here is how I felt after riding the Pista for a week.

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  1. What is happening. Here is Eric from Mr e bikes in aptos ca. after 5 minutes on the fixed cruiser.

  2. I read the article in the Observer. Sounds like fun, but also a mild death wish. I’d bug you more to wear a helmet, but I’d also want to have a ride :)

  3. Christian Toennesen

    Thanks for sharing, Gary. It looks like Mr e is all sorted!

    Sam, your wish is my command*

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    High Level Complaints Department
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    Oh, you already did, hang on for a minute while I transfer you to…

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