Dimitri’s Barber Shop

At Dimitri's, the barber

Hidden somewhere at the feet of the towering skyscrapers in San Francisco’s financial district, there remains a well-preserved pocket of culture from the 1950s, Dimitri’s Barber Shop.

Dimitri, who is either from Macedonia or Greece, is the perfect antidote to the glittering temples of dullness aka Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, etc. While there is not enough customers passing through to justify the two cutting stations, one now serves as a permanent seat for Dimitri’s clarinet.

If you ask him nicely, he will take you on a musical journey that outweighs by far any barbershop experience, pun intended, you may have enjoyed previously.

Click on the picture to see more shots.

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  1. Did you get your hair cut there? And will I see you when I am in CA next week?

  2. Christian Toennesen

    No, no haircut for me; I was merely listening to the clarinet performance and trying to produce tangible evidence that this place really exists.

    I am out and about from April 2nd but hope to catch up with you before then. Does a guided tour of Berkeley sound tempting? Special price for you, I promise.

  3. I can’t remember how late I get there on the 31st, but the 1st would probably work out for me. I’ll let Chrissie know – we’ll make it happen. :)

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