The future, finally it is here…

It has come to a point where I can talk about my future without, god forbid, jinxing it.

I decided a long time back that a full-time academic career would not be compatible with what I want in my life and the kind of professional roles I envisage myself in. However, I would hate to break off my connections with the research community that I value so much, in Oxford and beyond. I have thought a lot about the best ways in which to maintain links with the Academy, on the one hand, and industry, on the other, without compromising my integrity in either role. This in turn has led me to invest a lot of thought in myself as a ‘project’ – and no doubt I will need to do a lot more work before everything falls into place – but I believe I have cracked it.

So, upon submitting my thesis within the next few months, I will take up a position as a partner in a London-based CSR consultancy working on a range of really, really interesting projects for corporate clients mainly. It is a small employee-owned company that I know quite well since I have worked for them in various capacities over the past couple of years. Also, the job will entail quite a lot of traveling in Scandinavia, Norway in particular, so I look forward to re-discovering my viking ancestry and catching up with friends and family… (in addition to the business aspects, of course.)

Secondly, I am currently planning a research project on a yet to be shared in public theme under the auspices of the James Martin Institute. This is something I will be doing part time in collaboration with one or two brilliant people – yay!

Thirdly, I will maintain Oxford as my base for at least another year, in fact I will be moving to a place that is, even for Oxford standards, steeped in history.

As remarked by our all-time favourite social thinker, “I love it when a good plan comes together.”

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