It’s raining rabbits and lobsters

You may recall the quirky movie Magnolia and the wonderfully surreal scene in which frogs start falling from the sky. While events like this would normally fall under the rubric of ‘freak’ or plain ‘weird,’ I have reason to believe that someone up there is actually playing tricks on me.

It started a year ago when I found a lobster(!) in my then back garden and came to the conclusion that a bird must have stolen it from a restaurant and dropped it whilst in flight. I live nowhere near the sea and the area happens to be fenced in. But there it was, a boiled lobster.

Yesterday, whilst having a barbeque, some guests heard the sound of an object hitting the ground, but did not notice anything unfamiliar. Five minutes later, though, we found a dead baby rabbit a few metres away from the table. I shall not go into too much detail, but it had obviously hit the ground pretty hard and was, no doubt, to blame for the sound earlier.

Before you start drawing conclusions about my sanity, rest assured that I have witnesses who would happily testify to the truth of both episodes.

I wonder what is in store for me the next time…

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  1. obviously there is too much wildlife around where you live. you should consider moving into the city.

  2. […] Unfortunately, social scientists rarely get to experience “eureka!” moments like those of Archimedes taking a bath or Newton noticing an apple falling from a tree ( or maybe we are I am just too thick-headed to pick up on the ‘signs.’) […]

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