How Strategic Have You Been This Week?


This month I am helping Lucy Kimbell document her project, How Strategic Have You Been This Week?

The installation, which is really a social experiment, offers passers-by the chance to answer this question by choosing and wearing one or several badges that are freely available in four five plastic tubes. In turn, as people make their choices, the tubes transform into physical bar charts reflecting the popularity of each option.

My task is to take a picture every day to keep track of the selections made. You can follow the development here.

The installation is part of a bigger exhibition leading to the conference, Imagining Business: Reflecting on the Visual Power of Management, Organising and Governing Practices. Check out the announcement here.

If you happen to be in Oxford, do drop by the Business School and, of course, help yourself to badges. The exhibition is on till June 29th.

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  1. I tried to go on 29 June and the Business School was locked. Are there any badges left over? :)

  2. Christian Toennesen

    The Business School is always locked in the evening, I am afraid. Sorry, the installation has been taken down including the badges.

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