Notes from my commute


So much has happened recently; a bit of time off in Denmark and Italy, a conference in Rotterdam, an unfinished thesis and, most recently, starting on my new job in London. Speaking of the latter, I would have preferred to submit my thesis beforehand, but as the situation turns out, I can no longer afford to live off nothing, and my viva voce is scheduled no sooner than January 2009, anyway.

Future blogposts will probably originate from my daily commute, from where I am writing right now (I just passed a burning truck – the heat was so intense I could feel it through the window).

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  1. I know the commute well, my friend. Glad you’ve got the net to bide your time.

  2. Hi Christian! Am sure that by Jan 2009 your thesis will be absolutely perfect. A little bit more time always helps. Congrats on job and take a full advantage of joys of commute!

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