Calling all linguists

In the course of writing my conclusion, I stumbled upon the following claim:

The word ‘sociology’ itself was recorded in English as early as 1843 to describe what was otherwise known as ‘social ethics’ and by the 1850s seems to have been quite current;

(full piece here, look at page 4).

If this is the case, it provides me with a very convenient entry-point to making an argument about the relevance of studying ethics as practice for sociological theory. My only problem is that I have been unable to confirm the proposition above elsewhere.

Would anyone know where to look or, even better, have an ‘answer’ (and sources at hand)?

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  1. Sounds like the sort of thing Steve Rayner (or my dad) might know…? Or maybe in one of those introductory Sociology textbooks by Anthony Giddens?

  2. Or maybe you could email Christopher T Husbands (the author) and ask him for a reference?

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