Baby DPhil arrives

The delivery

After four years and three months in labour, I am happy to announce the arrival of D. Phil Thesis at 3.45pm on Friday 16th of January. Green in colour, he weighed some three pounds at birth and covers a staggering 350 pages. As it happens, he was passed on to his temporary parents right away, with whom I shall meet and discuss his future in March. The birth itself was relatively uncomplicated, but it took me a good 16 hours of sleep to get up and running again.

Drinks. Tonight (9pm). The Gardener’s Arms. All Welcome.

Check out the magnificent cover work by Rune ‘Get a Friggin’ Website‘ Brink from the Bottega.

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  1. Well done! Wish I was there for some well-deserved drinks. Enjoy!

  2. Yay!

    Congrats, Sir!

    A beautiful one indeed.

    All the best,


  3. Congratulations, Christian! Although I probably cannot not know what it feels like, I think to at least have a slight idea of the feeling of relief – and freedom – that you must have now!

    Let me know when it is being published. You are of course free to send me a copy (LOL)

    All the best with the job, I hope it’s going well.


  4. congratulations!

  5. Tilløk med afleveringen!! Det må være skønt, ikke at have den hængende over hovedet mere. Håber du er glad for jobbet og at alt er vel. Lyder spændende at I flytter til London, så bliver det lidt lettere at besøge dig (Hvis du har tid er jeg fx i London den 20-22. feb.).

    Kh. Anna

  6. Kære Chr.

    Tillykke med afleveringen og til en ny epoke i dit liv. Det er super flot!

    Jeg glæder mig allerede til at erhverve et eksemplar på min reol.

    Mvh Martin :-)

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