V-day approaching

This weekend I followed in the footsteps of many a great poet and went to the countryside. Not just any place in the countryside, but to a site so unique and beautiful that I better keep it a secret. The place was a favourite of Arthur Conan Doyle and W. B. Yeats, and the movie adaption of Pride and Prejudice was shot here.

Where else would you find a quote like this one, inscribed into the floor of a mausoleum:

The poets who loved penns

W. B. Yeats
Walter de La Mare
W. I. Turner
Ruth Ritter
V. Sackville West
Dorothy Wellesley

They learn in suffering
what they teach in song

As a foreigner, I plead guilty to complaining a lot about the standard of living and quality of life on this island, especially in London. BUT, there is no use in denying that English gardens and manor houses are made of the same stuff as dreams. Unfortunately, pictures cannot convey that message.

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  1. You Can Do It!

  2. Die Steinplatte (Ruth Ritter = Ruth Pitter) ist in Penns-in-the-rocks, dem ehemaligen Wohnort von Dorothy Wellesley, dort war auch oft ihr Freund Yeats zu Gast. Doyle war allerdings Besucher von Groombridge Place, nördlich von Penns und dort wurde auch Pride and Prejudice gedreht.

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