An ode to Norway

Aside from the unique summer light and the fit people, one of the great things about Norway is the unspoilt nature. People tend to asume that Scandinavia is all pretty much the same but unlike Denmark, Sweden and Norway are packed full of mountains and forests – and not so much people.

Along the mountaineous fjords outside Stavanger and beyond, the landscape is dotted with cabins within walking distance of each other. Many of them unstaffed, the door is never locked and everyone can enter anytime. They are clean, tidy places equipped with wood burners, food and all reasonable amenities. Best of all, they are run according to an ‘honesty principle’, whereby people leave the place as they would like to find it and pay for whatever they have consumed. And that is it.

There is nothing quite like kicking up your feet and enjoying a blueberry infused G&T while the cabin slowly turns unbearably hot.

The mountains themselves are, of course, nothing short of majestic and certainly a little less ‘regulated’ than other amusement parks.

If you trip, you might never do so again.

If you search long enough, you may have the fortune of running into the tribe of ‘base jumpers’, people to whom the finer things in life are best experienced through gravitational exercises of an exquisite calibre.

Looking at them, and talking through the practicalities of their obsession, come highly recommended. But first you need to find them, and ‘Exit 6′ is not easily accessible.

Agreeing on flight paths

‘Should I stay or should I go now’

Kjerag basejumpers
Go, Go, Power Rangers

The only way is down…

If you are interested to see what it looks like when your body reaches terminal velocity after jumping out from Kjerag’s Exit 6, have a look at this video.

What is not to like?

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  1. Don’t even think of trying it! At least not on our insurance …

  2. Hey! Nothing is wrong with the danish nature .. !

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