What use are acknowledgements when they’re not made public?

My thesis as a whole may be confidential, but all those great people who helped me deserve some praise. Here are my acknowledgements (pdf). And, as a little bonus, I have added the Examiners’ Report (pdf).

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  1. That is a fantastic report, Christian. Very impressive, my friend.

  2. Dear me
    Reading the acknowledgements you received for your thesis is inspiring.
    Hope to read it some day, perchance in book form?


  3. Christian Toennesen

    Thanks both! In book form? Yes, I hope so, too.

  4. Dear Christian,

    Is it possible to get access to your thesis? I’m a PhD student in Lancaster University having one of those moments of desperation that you may well recall…Googling everything and anything that might help me getting to that state of “Queen for a day” (as your post so well puts it).
    I would appreciate very much if you could send me your thesis. For some reason I have a feeling that it might help me.

    Thanks very much in advance,
    Mafalda Nogueira

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