The Guy with the Rubik’s Cube on the London Tube

Pheeew, I thought I was going crazy. None of my friends have seen this guy, but for some inexplicable reason I keep bumping into him: ‘The Guy with the Rubik’s Cube on the London Tube’.

He enters the coach, starts doing his tricks and then leaves. Never asking for money, just focusing on the cube and chatting away.

Thank god he was caught on camera:

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  1. Mette Tønnesen

    Wow, Christian. I’m sure I couldn’t have resisted showing him gratitude for letting me experience those moments of ability, elegance and modesty so unexpectedly there in the middle of my everyday life.. like I couldn’t resist thanking you for sharing them here.

  2. Um.. Eat your heart out Erik Akkersdijk…

  3. I do it on the tube too on my way to work (and back), with my left hand, normally under a minute and a half.

    While that would look lame in every possible speedcubing circle (there are people that can pull the same stunt in 20 seconds or so!), i don’t get applauses or anything, mostly weird looks.

    I probably need to “grow a fro”, maybe that’s what I’m missing :P .

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