R as in Raleigh

If the streets (and pavements) of Oxford were catwalks, my recently acquired Raleigh bicycle would no doubt take the grand prize as the most beautiful model around. Even better, it came custom fitted with a golden finish, handbrakes, three gears (in theory they should work), a titanium front carrier and a state of the art, high-durability plastic rear carrier which makes it easy for me to transport (whilst not forgetting to charge) 3+ people to London, Paris, etc. in no time.

As students we have been advised by college officials to ride our bikes “defensively” since cycle paths are scarce and car psychopaths are not. Nevertheless, having been taught through my entire youth by the Donald Rumsfeld of urban bicycling, I do not really feel like giving up what has become an instinct: ride your bike like you own the place.

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  1. 100% bling bling

    Beautiful and yet so functional at the same time.. How nice.. :)

  2. Nice indeed. The word on the street is that the frame is made of pure gold!

  3. Even Mr. T would be jealous.


    When the bombs were dropped over Baghdad last March, the world holded it’s breath for a second.
    Scientist shouted out worldwide that some of the oldest and most precius evidence of our history, was hidden in the vault under The Central Bank of Irak. It was the ancient glory from the mesopotamian city Nimrud. More than 55 kilograms of pure gold, found in the tomb of an assyrian queen.
    The Central Bank was heavily devastated and robbed by local criminels, but by two days of digging, they came to the flooded vault underneath the bank. They opened the door.
    Inside the vault, they found money floating in the surface of dirty water, but in the corner they spotted a large heavily locked box.
    Inside was The Gold of Nimrud, great as the tomb of Tutankamon! Amongst armrings, crowns, diadems and masks, they found a lowride camping bicycle – the entire frame is made of gold. This picture showened above is one of the few released of the owner.
    It is amazing to see a total perfection of a bike more than 2000 years old. An what d’ya know – my buddy Mr. T is ridin’ da Bike on the streets of Oxford!


  5. Extremely cool bike! Everyone should have one. And ban all cars from central oxford. Why are cars so bad? Well… they smell, pollute, makes lots of noise, and they kill people. In fact, they should come with warnings like thoose on fags – most of them already applies. Good to see there’s other Danish in Oxford. Lets go for drinks at some point.

    – Ivan Pedersen