Get s.uffed

There is a shop nearby, a shop to which nobody pays attention during the day. A green, slightly run down facade, a letter missing from the sign, windows covered by black metal grids. At night, however, when the lights come on, it is a different story. I have seen people marveling for 10s of minutes at the bizarre sight of lions, bats, sharks and penguins, all conveniently gathered in one tiny room in North London.

I have never seen any living creature inside the shop, it is by appointment only. According to the stickers inside, there is apparently a strict no pictures policy in place. In other words, this post constitutes a breach of sorts. My apologies.

Remind me to take you there next time you visit.

PS. They do not make websites like that anymore.
PPS. The story gets better; they deal in human remains, too.

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  1. Der er nu noget velkendt ved dyrehovederne pÃ¥ væggen – er du sikker pÃ¥ det billede er fra London??

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